Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Eyeshadow Review

 I'm sure you've all heard of Maybelline's amazing Color Tattoos, but I've recently been absolutely loving these little pots of eyeshadow, and I thought, 'why haven't I written a review about these on my blog yet?'

The actual product is a 'cream gel eyeshadow', and I find that these last a long time, and have much more staying power than powder shadows. Also, the nice thing about these is that they don't end up wearing away into a small line in your eyelid crease, unlike a lot of other cream eyeshadows do. I'd honestly recommend these so much, they are such good quality.

Firstly, I'll talk to you about the packaging. These come in little glass pots, not dissimilar to the type of pot that gel liners come in, and they have a sticker on the top displaying the colour and name (I think the American version is a bit different, but I'm not sure) and a clear bottom, that shows the actual product and some silver writing with the product's name. I'm generally not fussed about packaging as long as it's not easily broken, and this packaging is nice and secure.

The colour range of these eyeshadows is great, with a mixture of mattes and shimmers, dark colours and light colours, and some varying tones of similar shades that complement each other well. I currently only have On and on Bronze (bottom) and Pink Gold (top), but I want to buy some otther shades, as these are incredible. 

These are such brilliant quality. Although I've never worn my makeup for a full 24 hours, and I can't tell you whether they last that long like the packaging says, I know that they stay on from the start of the day through to the end, and when I tried to wash these swatches off, they don't just rub away, you need to use soap and water (or on your face- makeup remover/cleanser!).

As you can see, the colours blend out well, so you can have really strong, highly pigmented shadow, or a much softer, smokier look. This means you could even layer up the same colour to apply in your crease and lighter on your lid.

I also think that these are very versatile, they can be applied in 5 seconds with your finger for a quick touch of colour, used with different color tattoo shades, used as a base for other colours, or used with powder shadows as well. You can choose how precise you want to apply these, but I think that a 'messy' smudged look with your finger is just as cool as an accurate look applied with a brush. 

At only 4.99 from Boots and Superdrug, why not buy one or two for yourself and see whether you like them?

Have you tried any of these before? What colours are you favourite? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Pink gold looks beautiful! I've heard only good things about these...I will check them out xxx


    1. It's a really gorgeous colour! I think it's so versatile, even though it is pink, and it's really subtle, but can be built up to be more intense! Xx

  2. That's a good price, I like the look of these Molly, nice metallic shade to them, pink gold is my favourite I reckon :)

    Meme xx

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    1. I think they are well worth the money- and I know what you mean about the metallic look! And there's such a big range, so even if you don't like such a metallic look with eyeshadow, they have mattes which look amazing too! Xx

  3. Hi I'm such a big fan of your work I hope that you continue to do such amazing posts. Would you be able to just look at my blog its really small it's called The Big Wild World it would mean the world to me if you just looked at it and maybe give it some tips
    Thanks Rachel

    1. Thank you so much, this comment really made me smile! I'd be happy to check out your blog, I'm going to take a look now! Xx

    2. Hi, I've just tried to find your blog but I can't find it anywhere! Please may you leave the blog link if you see this! Thanks! Xx


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